Garden Decoration

We are devoted to creating beautiful gardens and for that we believe that stone play a key role. That's why we have focused on supplying pebbles, gravel, rocks etc of different colours, textures and sizes so that each gardener can create its own unique and beautiful composition.

More and more gardens are using stone as a decorative attribute:

Its a beautiful product, each stone is unique and is long lasting needing little maintenance. Stone have many advantages in the garden:


  Limits weed growth

Reduces watering requirements

Reduces maintenance




In 2014 we have launched NETS as the optimal packaging:

  • Perfect visibility in all weathers

  • Very strong packaging adapted to each stone size

  • 20 kg Nets – easy to lift and manoeuvre

  • Green packaging as it has less plastic than traditional plastic bags


  • Label in water resistant paper and UV resistant ink in 2 parts:

    • One can be detached to present at the till

    • The other remains attached to the NET

  • Bar code always readable, despite alterations due to UV sun rays.​


Our products can be used to design beautiful garden areas in a shop:


  • Improves visibility of the product

  • Increase sales of our product and adjacent products

  • Gives new ideas to customers

Examples of expositions in some of our client's shops and garden centres - Click here

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