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Natural Slate Totem


Hand-split for a natural raven finish

Sawn on all sides

Different drawings are possible

Natural Slate Tile

4 sides sawn - not calibrated

Hand split to give a natural aspect

30x30x 0.9-1.1cm / 40x40x 0.9-1.1cm

Slate Slabs

50x50cm 3-7cm   100x25cm 3-7cm   120x30cm 3-7cm

60x30cm 3-7cm   100x30cm 3-7cm   120x50cm 3-7cm

80x30cm 3-7cm   100x50cm 3-7cm   150x25cm 3-7cm

Slate Borders (Rustic aspect)

0.50m (2 ends sawn)   1.00m (2 ends sawn)  1.00m (1 end sawn)

0.60m (2 ends sawn)   1.50m (2 ends sawn)  1.50m (1 end sawn)

0.80m (2 ends sawn)   2.00m (2 ends sawn)

Regular slate border (100x10x3cm.)

Irregular Slate Stepping Stone

+/-5 pieces /m2

Rectangular Slate Stepping Stone

40x30cm +/- 5cm thickness

Sawn on 2 sides

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