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Beauty and natural quality for the roof and garden

Nomi and Pibal are two family owned companies supplying roofing slate and decorative aggregates and slate for the garden.

35 year experience

A focus on quality products

Fast, adaptive and reliable service

Our origins

In 1981, when Spain was not yet in the E.U, when there was no fax, mobiles, internet... a young couple, Myriam and Ignacio, became interested in Spanish roofing slate. They founded two companies and started exporting to France, Belgium, Germany, U.K, Switzerland and Ireland. As the years went by they learned about different decorative stones and promoted them.


The organisation is modest but it becomes highly efficient thanks to:

Daily resence in quarries = Assured quality control before shipping 

Transparent information for our clients about the evolution of the quarries


Always striving to find the best quality at the best possible price

A stock at the U.K. port allowing fast delivery to our clients


These principles have allowed NOMI and PIBAL to expand over the years and constitute the ethos of the current team.

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